Exeter College

Exeter College was founded as Stapeldon Hall in 1314, by Walter de Stapeldon, Bishop of Exeter and later Treasurer to Edward II. Money from the rectory of Gwinear, Cornwall provided funds for 12 scholars and a chaplain.  The early history of the college can be traced through the rector’s accounts kept by the head of the college and the college estates records. The college was re-founded in 1566 by Sir William Petre, a statesman who served four Tudor monarchs.  He gave estates in Oxfordshire and other counties to fund 8 additional fellowships. From this date institutional records become more extensive, with information on buildings and accommodation, election and activities of rectors and fellows. Records of the undergraduate body in the nineteenth century include tuition, sports clubs and societies and photographs. Personal papers from some rectors and fellows (notably EA Barber, rector 1943-56) can also be found in the archives.

Enquiries about the archives can be sent to archives@exeter.ox.ac.uk

Or by post to Victoria Northridge, Archivist and Records Manager, Exeter College, Cohen Quad, Walton Street, Oxford, OX1 2HE

All appointments must be made in advance either by email or post.